These are color swatches done with the actual makeup. Please note that computer monitors and Internet browsers vary in how they present colors. Feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions about the right shade for you. We also welcome you to explore our top picks for your skin, eyes, cheeks, and lips.

A lightweight, beautifully balanced product that creates a smooth canvas on which to place your colors. It comes in light, medium or dark.




Natural Covers
Sheer, yet covers enough to soften dark areas and shadows and help hide blemishes. Comes in light, medium and dark.




Lemon Cover
This very special product provides excellent coverage of red or blemished skin. It also helps lighten dark areas. Just dab on and gently spread over the area. It can be used with other covers

Magic Glow Moisturizing Bronzer
The perfect way to keep skin nourished while giving a healthy glow.


Translucent Pressed Powder Compacts
Sheer, lightweight and great on all skin types. It gives your makeup staying power and helps quiet the shine for a smooth finish. Sandy's tip: No puffs please. Brushes only with this product.



Golden Bronze Pressed Powder Compacts
An easy way to give your face a sheer, sun-kissed look. It's also gentle on the skin and non-drying. Sandy's tip: No puffs please. Brushes only with this product.


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