Adding to your beauty through make-up is definitely part of the fun of being a teenager. If you are just starting out, I have the perfect collection for you. My Easy Face™ kits are perfect for teens because they are more sheer and light than most makeup collections. Plus they have step-by-step application instructions so you'll know exactly what to do.

Caring for your skin is also an important part of your beauty routine. Here are my top recommendations for making your skin glow:

  • My Face Wash (Makeup Removal Cream), Freshening Tonic with Aloe Vera, and a Mask or Scrub will help keep your skin clear.

  • Moisturizers with SPF are a must to protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays.

  • The Vitamin E stick is great for dry lips and has a wonderful glow -- lip glosses look great over it.

Check out the Skincare section for more information.

Blemishes can be covered with one of my Natural Cream Concealers packaged in a handy wand applicator. If you need an extra layer of coverage, let dry and apply again. Also great for dark areas such as circles under the eyes. Available in light, medium or dark; $12.75.

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