How To Use Your Kit

Step 1: Shadows
Chin up, look down into mirror.
Raise brows.
Use less than a little!
Blend with a very light touch!

A. Place darker color on the center of the lid. Let it set to the count of five. Then blend both ways up to the crease of your eye and a little above.

B. Place the highlight color directly under and over the brow. Let set and blend quickly until there is no trace of a line.

Step 2: Pencil
A. Outline the top of the eye with the side of the pencil. Let set for a moment, and smudge.

B. Apply color lightly under bottom of lashes, close to the root of lash and blend.

Step 4: Cheek Color
SMILE! Brush a little color on the "pouff" of your cheek. Let set for a moment and blend well across cheek bone.

Step 5: Lip Gloss
Apply lightly to lips and blend.